Danish Diplomatic Seminar – POSTPONED

September 25th & 26th, 2020 | Kurhotel Skodsborg, Copenhagen

We are excited to present CSCD’s premium Academic Certificate Course: Context Analyses & Strategic Planning for Diplomats in Copenhagen.


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After extensive preparations and consultation with embassies and influential political circles in Denmark, it is a privilege to present CSCD’s premium Academic Certificate Course. The course offers a unique opportunity of an unprecedently combination of highly profiled practitioners of Danish national and international politics as keynote speakers, with widely recognized academics as facilitators of learning circles.

We are thrilled to be able to welcome aspiring diplomats and look forward to serving you with premium knowledge and exclusive insights to assist you in your efforts to serve your country.

Academic Content

Over the span of two days, a wide range of prominent and influential Politicians, Parliamentary Committee Chairmen, Administrators from the Public & Private Sectors, and Renowned Academics will present key-note speeches to facilitate elaborations on crucial aspects of the Danish political context. They will share their insights and experiences on how the available empirical and theoretical knowledge can be applied and translated into practical strategic planning to improve the promotion of your national interests. The keynote speakers will motivate and facilitate the exchange of ideas and elaborations on practical implications of the perspectives presented for strategic LFA-framework planning.

Overall Goal

The overall goal of the course is to improve contextual knowledge and know-how to assist diplomats’ efforts in persuading the interests of their country. The LFA objectives are multitude and will include networking, making strategic alliances, developing diplomats’ skills on working strategically, and improvement of their careers as present and future diplomatic representations of respective Foreign Ministries.


By course completion, participants will receive a Course Certificate issued and signed by CSCD and the Advisory Board.

Format and Course Materials

The didactic line of the course will follow a Flip-the-Classroom format and course materials including the methodological framework, LFA, SWOT, Learning Circles, full presentations, etc. will be made available upon registration.

Course Plan

Course plan includes the following (detailed plan under Program above):

  • Welcome Day 1 – “Post COVID-19 Diplomacy”
  • #1 – How to be a Successful Business Diplomat in Denmark – The Survival of Multilateral Institutions and the Impacts of Good Diplomacy
  • #2 – Denmark’s Global, Regional, and Arctic Agendas: Top-Priorities of the Danish Government Listed, with Special Focus on Greenland & the Arctic
  • #3 – The Relationship Between Politics, Business and Science in Denmark 
  • #4 – Danish Political Parties, Culture and Media: Diplomatic Agenda Setting in Changing and Durable Balances of Power in Denmark
  • Group Elaborations on Practical Diplomatic Implications
  • Mingling & Networking Dinner – French Luxury & Danish Cuisine
  • Welcome Day 2
  • #5 – Diplomatic Best Practices – Winning Coalitions and the Management of Diplomatic Crises
  • Team-Based Context Analysis & Strategic Planning – Practical Implications of the Course
  • Course Certificate Award and Graduation Ceremony


Course fee covers the full academic program, including catering, mingling & networking-dinner, certificate and all materials.

Full package: 13.995,- DKK excl. VAT  –  Early Bird registration: 12.995,- DKK excl. VAT 

Day one only: 7.997,- DKK excl. VAT

Day two only: 7.997,- DKK excl. VAT


Location and Facilities

The Course will be held at Kurhotel Skodsborg. For course participants, Kurhotel Skodsborg’s director has made available a special offer with benefits for your stay at the hotel and its facilities. Please contacts us for further details.


For further information, please contact us at [email protected].


Program Danish Diplomatic SeminarProgram Danish Diplomatic Seminar

*We hold the right to make changes to the program


Full Speaker List

Speakers in order of appearance:

Mrs. Susanne Hyldelund, Deputy Foreign Minister/State Secretary for Trade and Global Sustainability.

Mr. Martin Lidegaard, MP, Chairman of The Danish Foreign Policy Committee, former Foreign Minister, and Minister of Climate, Energy & Utilities.

Mr. Sjúrður Skaale, Faroe Island’s MP in the Danish Parliament, Chairman of the Danish Arctic Committee.

Mr. Steen Lynge, Minister of Foreign Affairs for Greenland’s Parliament (video transmission).

Mrs. Aaja Chemnitz Larsen, Greenland’s MP in the Danish Parliament.

Mr. Bo Lidegaard, Cand. Phil. & Ph.D., Author, former Editor in Chief of Politiken, Diplomat and Advisor.

Mr. Brian Mikkelsen, CEO of The Danish Chamber of Commerce, former Minister of Justice, Minister of Economic & Business Affairs, and Minister of Industry, Business & Financial Affairs.

Mr. Tommy Ahlers, MP, former Minister of Science, Technology, Information & Higher Education.

Mr. Bertel Haarder, MP, Father of Parliament and Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, former Minister for Immigration and Integration, Minister of Education, and Minister of Interior and Health.

Mr. Naser Khader, MP, Chairman of the Danish Parliament’s Defense Committee, and Pivotal Mediator through the 2005 Cartoon Crisis, the biggest Diplomatic Crisis in Denmark in modern time.

Mr. Shahamak Rezaei, CEO & Founder of CSCD, and Assoc. Professor at Roskilde University.

Mr. Per Stig Møller, Foreign Minister during the 2005 Cartoon Crisis, the biggest Diplomatic Crisis in Denmark in modern time, former Minister of Environment, Culture Minister and Minister for Ecclesiastical Affairs, former MP and leader of the Conservative Party in Denmark.

His ExcellencyMr. Kristóf Altusz, Ambassador of Hungary.

Her Excellency Mrs. Janine Finck, Ambassador of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (tbc).

His Excellency Mr. Isauro Torres, Ambassador of Chile.

His Excellency Mr. Ulrik Federspielformer Permanent Secretary for the Danish Prime Minister’s Office, Denmark’s Ambassador to the US,  former Permanent Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Author of the book ‘A Diplomatic Life’ and current Executive Vice President of Haldor Topsøe.

COVID-19 Safety

COVID-19 Safety

Your safety is our highest concerns and we are continually monitoring and following the Health Authorities’ recommendations for a responsible approach to the COVID-19 situation.

The course location, Kurhotel Skodsborg, is classified as “safe to visit” by Horesta and are taking all necessary steps to secure that recommendations are being strictly followed.

  • Limited number of participants and guests, as well as more space between furniture and settings, to meet the Authorities’ recommendations on distance.
  • Limited physical contact – we greet you with a smile instead of a handshake – this also applies internally between staff.
  • Hand sanitizers are available.
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces and facilities.
  • All meals are prepared in strict accordance with the Authorities’ recommendations and are arranged as individual servings only.


For more details, please visit https://skodsborg.dk/

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