Vision & Goals
What We Offer

What We Offer


All CSCD’s activities depart from and are developed through comprehensive consultative meetings with our prime collaborators – embassies representing more than 70 nations and counting.

The goal of these comprehensive meetings is to identify specific and actionable items in Commercial and Science Diplomacy with the potential for mutual benefits. Furthermore, CSCD provides scientific support for the decision-making process and the implementation of projects.


  • Accelerated time-to-market framework
  • Expertise in creating cross-border operational networks
  • Navigation of unfamiliar bureaucracies

Certificate Courses:

  • Certificates in Commercial and Science Diplomacy



  • Networking activities:
  • Businesses meet Ambassadors
  • Country visits
  • Venture Meeting
  • B2B Partnerships

Scientific Support

  • Commercial Data & Analysis
  • Joint Emerging Market Research
  • Publishing
  • Consulting

Good Governance and Image Care

  • Promotion of Goods & Services
  • Gathering Export
  • Marketing Data
  • Awareness Campaigns

Operational Support

  • Contract Implementation
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Coaching on Culture, Society & Business Environments
  • Supervision & Advocacy

What modules we offer

CSCD in collaboration with leading universities provide the expertise and guidance you need to build your capabilities. We facilitate an environment of state-of-the-art insights and up-to-date knowledge sharing and we offer operational networks, facilitate mutual international links around trade, investments and science. CSCD’s services are organized around three well-organized interlinked axes involving international stakeholders, embassies and universities around the globe:

  1. The Ambassadors Lounge
  2. Certificate Courses
  3. University Master Program