CSCD in collaboration with leading universities provide the expertise and guidance you need to build your capabilities. We facilitate an environment of state-of-the-art insights and up-to-date knowledge sharing and we offer operational networks and facilitate mutual international links around trade, investments, and science. CSCD courses are grounded on the well-organized interlinked axes involving international stakeholders, embassies, and universities around the globe. They consist of:

  1. Certificate Courses in Commercial & Science Diplomacy for diplomats, business professionals, and scientific and administrative decision-makers from universities around the globe.
  2. University Master Program on Commercial & Scientific Diplomacy
    Under development. Further information to be announced.

Course series: “How to do business in…?”

CSCD arranges two-day courses in collaboration with embassies representing the city/country/region in focus. The courses are conducted in collaboration with leading experts from our global university network.

The course series follows a format with tailored content to each individual business area – a city (for instance Shanghai), a country (China), or a region (East Asia). We customize the contents of each course to meet the needs of public diplomacy practitioners, those interested in identifying new business opportunities or research collaborations, and those seeking to develop their advisory tool kit.

CSCD conducts its courses in close collaboration with leading universities around the globe in close collaboration with 70 embassies and several international organizations in Denmark.


Below you find examples of courses to enhance your competencies within Science and Commercial Diplomacy. A full list of upcoming courses will be announced shortly:

Sample Courses

  • CSCD Diplomat Certification
  • Reliable data collection in emerging markets and needs of scientific developments
  • Government planning within international commercial and scientific activities
  • Doing business in non-Western markets for managers
  • Navigating non-market factors in foreign bureaucracies in commercial and educational sectors
  • Good Governance – Planning and Implementation

Curriculum Example

Workshop: Doing Business in China

This course aims to develop proficiency in analyzing and integrating a variety of data to create impactful public diplomacy strategies and programs.

The 3 days training program comprises the following modules:

  • What do we know about China – Business structure and scientific activities? Developing hypotheses among participants
  • The Chinese Governmental perspective on commercial and scientific priorities
  • Understanding the Chinese consumer and understanding Chinese scientific exchange interests
  • Mapping the layers of stakeholders and influencers
  • Legal frameworks for business and scientific activities
  • Networking and intercultural competencies
  • Experiential narratives, success and failure in doing business and scientific collaboration in China
  • Inspirational experiences of Chinese business and scientific planning: Lessons from China

Who Should Apply

Eligible course participants must hold an undergraduate degree from an accredited university and have a minimum of three years of experience in public diplomacy, business, academia, or a related field. Fluency in spoken and written English is a requirement as all courses are taught in English.

Our training programs are intended for professionals in government agencies, industry associations, private-sector companies, educational planners and stakeholders, and international organizations. Our training programs provide a setting for career professionals who want to improve their analysis and decision-making skills through our innovative approach facilitated by prominent experts.

How to Apply

The online application for the course is under development. Further information will be available shortly.

Upon submission of your application, you will receive a notification of receipt. The process (especially in case of a need for visa) will be coordinated with your local Danish embassy. We will continually update you throughout the application process.