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What is Science Diplomacy & Commercial Diplomacy?

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Science & Commercial Diplomacy is the realization of mutual benefits

Science & Commercial Diplomacy is where the interests of governments, businesses, and universities meet to seize opportunities and deliver on the objectives of diplomatic representatives, business developers, professionals, and institutional planners.

What is SD and CD?

What is Commercial Diplomacy?

A range of commercial and judicial diplomatic activities involved in the development, advancement, and responsible management of policies and treaties affecting the facilitation, negotiation, promotion, and arbitration of international trade, investment, and commerce.

Source: ACCD – Association of Certified Commercial Diplomats

What is Science Diplomacy?

Science Diplomacy refers to three main types of activities according to the American Association for the Advancement of Science:

Science in diplomacy: Science can provide advice to inform and support foreign policy objectives.

Diplomacy for science: Diplomacy can facilitate international scientific cooperation.

Science for diplomacy: Scientific cooperation can improve international relations

CSCD aligns incentives and combines the capabilities of businesses, governments, and universities to obtain mutual benefits, progress, and prosperity across nations.







  • Capital for direct investments in local markets
  • Job creation
  • Innovation
  • Local regulatory knowledge
  • Network of potential local partners
  • Certificate courses for government officials and international business professionals




  • Local market knowledge
  • Quicker access to markets
  • Introductions to distributors
  • Joint venture partners
  • Promote citizen health & safety
  • Protect consumers & environment
  • Participation of businesses and governments to realize the benefits of Commercial Diplomacy




  • Access new markets
  • Attract investments by foreign businesses
  • Facilitate outward investments by domestic businesses
  • Promote international trade
  • Create mutual benefits, progress and prosperity across nations
  • Academic credits
  • Science transfer contracts


All of CSCD’s activities depart from and are developed through comprehensive consultative meetings with our prime collaborators – embassies representing more than 70 nations and counting.

The goal of these comprehensive meetings is to identify specific and actionable items in Commercial and Science Diplomacy with the potential for mutual benefits. Furthermore, CSCD provides scientific support for the decision-making process and the implementation of projects:

  • Accelerated time-to-market framework
  • Expertise in creating cross-border operational networks
  • Navigation of unfamiliar bureaucracies
  • Certificates in Commercial and Science Diplomacy