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CSCD’s Webinar Series – A New Europe? March 11th, 2021

With the new decade setting its foundation, a new international reality has made its entrance. Europe’s Grand Lady, Chancellor Merkel, is stepping back after more than 15 years. At the same time, the US administration has constituted a new President and the Trump-Era is over – for now.

In this webinar, we will dive into how this will affect Europe in the future and look at what to expect.

We are excited to continue the new Webinar Series with a live discussion exclusively through CSCD, where we have the honour of introducing the renowned Correspondent on EU/NATO and European matters, Ms. Lotte Mejlhede, in conversation with the distinguished former Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs and President of the United Nations General Assembly’s 70th session, Mr. Mogens Lykketoft.

A New Europe: The Legacy from Chancellor Merkel & the End of the Trump-Era – An emerging era of Coopetition?

How will it affect Europe that Europe’s ‘Mutter’-Merkel, the European Union’s unofficial leader and Grand Lady, is stepping back after more than 15 years, while, at the same time, the US administration has constituted a new President? Will a new EU-US relationship affect Europe’s cooperation with China, Russia and other countries?

What can we expect, and which political path will a new Europe pave out: Will Europe take the international lead of a coopetition-model, or will it rather be a ‘dove of peace’ in-between a divided West and a rising East?

The webinar focuses on the opportunities that an emerging new world order, still unknown, can create for regions as well as specific countries.

We will elaborate on the following topics:

  • Departing from opposing differences between the competition led by the Trump administration and coopetition led by Germany and France, which path of policy and practice will most likely become dominant going forward?
  • What are the possible impacts of a new dominant path on old fears and hopes in international relations?
  • What opportunities arises now that the era of leadership incompatibility (between Merkel and Trump) has ended?
  • How will the new situation shape political decision-making on the top level?
  • Will the positions of the EU in relation to EU-neighbours and the dominant players in the globalized world, be affected? And if so, how?

Date & Time: March 11th  |  4 PM

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  • Welcome by Dr. Shahamak Rezaei, CEO & Founder of CSCD.
  • 45 min Discussion/Conversation with Ms. Lotte Mejlhede in conversation with Mr. Mogens Lykketoft. Conversation facilitated by Dr. Shahamak Rezaei and Mr. Emil M. Østergaard.
  • 15 min Q&A with questions from the audience.

We are delighted to welcome you and look forward to serving you with premium knowledge and exclusive insights to assist you in your efforts to enhance your knowledge.