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CSCD’s Grand Opening in the Danish Parliament, November 13th, 2019: The Belt and Road Initiative

CSCD celebrated its Grand Opening on November 13th, 2019, with the very first exclusive Ambassadors Lounge Event in Fællessalen in the Danish Parliament.

CSCD Grand Opening Danish Parliament
Photo Hasse Ferrold

Prominent speakers, MP Mr. Martin Lidegaard and Ambassadors to Denmark from Poland, Serbia, Hungary and Croatia each gave their unique perspectives from their individual countries on the Belt and Road Initiative. The Ambassadors’ talks were concluded with insight from H.E. Ambassador to Denmark from China Mr. Feng Tie, who skilfully tied it all together with a unique glimpse into a Chinese perspective.

Photo Hasse Ferrold

A final research angle gave full closure on the possibility and development of the Belt and Road Initiative, before guests filled with new knowledge and eager to know more concluded the day with on-point questions for discussion in a Q&A-session with answers from the full panel of speakers.

Photo Hasse Ferrold

The positive response has been overwhelming, and we are deeply grateful to all speakers and guests for participating and making this event possible.

We are excited and look forward to continuing our success in collaboration with friends and colleague and bid you welcome at future events:

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