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CSCD Cyber Security Conference

We are excited to present our newest conference on Cyber Security, Markets, Infrastructure, and Cooperation, in close collaboration with Mr. Martin Lidegaard, the Danish Parliament, and the Israeli Embassy in Denmark – exclusively through CSCD’s Ambassadors Lounge. We will dive into Israel’s perspective as a cyber world leader, cyber connections in the World, and G2G cooperation with other countries, while our experts investigate the cyber markets and their needs, protection of critical infrastructure, the green agenda, and how all this relates to the current state of the World.

Our expert panel will discuss topics affected by and related to cyber topics and the opportunities this represents to Danish and EU/World interests and will share their extensive knowledge through a series of exclusive talks followed by a discussion to be rounded up with a Q&A and networking with refreshments. The conference offers a unique opportunity to gain insights into Cyber Security, as seen through Diplomatic, Business, and Scientific lenses.

Venue: the Danish Parliament (Folketinget)

Date and time: June 24th, 2022 | 9.00-13.00

Full program and registration: [click here]

The talks will be under the Chatham House Rule and followed by a Q&A session and networking with refreshments.

As a guest, you get a unique opportunity for networking in the company of Ambassadors, Diplomats, Political Decision-makers, Business Stakeholders, University Researchers and other high-level VIPs.

We look forward to welcoming you to a unique conference to boost your knowledge and build on possibilities for the future.