New Arctic Seaways

January 10th, 2020 | The Danish Parliament | 09.30-14.00

Russia is the largest Arctic state and the Arctic is of paramount strategic and economic importance for Russia. The Russian Arctic is increasingly the strategic base of oil, gas and minerals for Russia for world markets.


We are excited to present a conference on New Arctic Seaways, exclusively through CSCD’s Ambassadors Lounge. The Arctic is increasingly the strategic base of oil, gas and minerals for world markets, and the conference offers a unique opportunity to discuss and gain insights on Arctic Activities.

 Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Resources and Arctic Seaways

Climate change is rapidly affecting the Arctic with rising temperatures. Ice is melting, and Northern Sea Routes are opening up and unlocking previously inaccessible natural gas resources. Russia is one of the world’s largest producers of oil and gas – that is now increasingly produced in the Arctic. Traditionally the primary market has been Western Europe, where natural gas is led through an elaborate pipeline infrastructure through Eastern and Central Europe, and export has been limited by long distances to other markets. With reduced sea-ice, however, it is increasingly possible to ship LNG either West to Europe or East to East Asia, thus creating an Asian market for Russian Arctic and Far Eastern energy resources.

The most important Russian Arctic energy project, so far, is the Yamal LNG project. The Yamal LNG is exported by ice-class LNG tankers built in South Korea and owned by conglomerates of ship owners. French companies are among the key Western participants with TOTAL as the key technology-provider to the project.

The Arctic has thus worldwide attention and the Danish Security and Intelligence Service recently raised the Arctic to be a top priority. Although sea-ice is greatly reduced, it is still an extreme environment with little infrastructure, many hazards, and a need for specially build LNG tankers, icebreaker support and surveillance services. Good international relations and collaborations are therefore crucial and of great interest not only for Russia, the Arctic States and Denmark but also for East Asia, as well as EU Countries and all involved stakeholders.

Global Environment and Green Diplomacy

Arctic energy resources are central to climate change policy. Oil and gas are non-renewable and carbon-based energy resources; however, natural gas has half the carbon footprint of coal, and large countries are still heavily dependent on cheap, domestic coal with global climate and local air pollution consequences. Natural gas is a much less carbon-intensive and air-polluting alternative until all can eventually be replaced by renewable energy. Export of Russian Arctic natural gas is thus highly beneficial for the global environment and Russian Arctic Activities has a high global interest. A well-developed green diplomacy approach is therefore essential.

Speakers and Format

We have invited an expert panel to discuss the opportunities Russian Arctic Activities represents to Danish and EU/world interests. The speakers will share their knowledge through a series of talks followed by a panel discussion. We are honoured to welcome:

  • Distinguished Ambassadors to Denmark
  • Members from the Danish Parliament
  • Representatives from the companies THALES and TOTAL, the Confederation of Danish Industry, Danish Shipping, Industry Energy Norway, Business Stakeholders and Research Experts

The talks will be under the Chatham House Rule, followed by a Q&A session and a standing networking lunch with refreshments.


Business Suit

Program Program CSCD New Arctic Seaways Jan10-2020

*We hold the right to make changes in the program


Program CSCD New Arctic Seaways Jan10-2020

*We hold the right to make changes in the program

Full Speaker List

Full list of speakers in order of appearance:

Mr. Martin Lidegaard, Member of the Danish Parliament, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs

H.E. Ambassador of Russia to Denmark, Mr. Vladimir Barbin

H.E. Danish Arctic Ambassador, Mr. Thomas Winkler

Thales, CEO Nordic & Baltic region, Mr. Tommy Ayouty

TOTAL, Vice-President Country Delegate Russia, Mr. Francois Borgida

Consultant, the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI), Mr. Mads Qvist Frederiksen

Danish Shipping, Senior Adviser, Mr. Morten Glamsø

Industry Energy Norway, Norwegian Labour Organisation for Arctic and Energy Sector, Mr. Geir Seljeseth

UiT Arctic University of Norway, Prof. Rasmus G. Bertelsen

UiT Arctic University of Norway, Postdoc on Russian/Chinese Arctic Activities, PhD Ms. Mariia Kobzeva