Mikkel Rønnow Mouritzen

Mr. Mikkel Rønnow Mouritzen

External Advisory Board, Ph.D. Fellow and Research Associate

E-mail: [email protected]

Mikkel Rønnow Mouritzen is a Ph.D. Fellow at Roskilde University and Sino-Danish Center. He is a member of the External Advisory Board and his CSCD activities are geographically focused on Denmark and China in close collaboration with CSCD’s Executive Team.

Mouritzen’s research concentrates on transnational talent mobility in science and technology across Eurasia, with a particular focus on migration to and from China.

This focus has naturally led to expertise in the knowledge economy, the Belt and Road Initiative, people-to-people connections across countries and continents, and soft power diplomacy.

Mouritzen has carried out further research with a focus on sports talents and sport diplomacy, highlighting how individuals, companies, international organisations, and states have different roles in the development of diplomatic relations and transitions towards internationalization, further highlighting the soft power elements of international relations.