Matteo Giorgio

Matteo Giorgio

CSCD Honorary Youth Ambassador and CSCD Youth Academy Project Coordinator

E-mail: [email protected]

Matteo Giorgio is currently a law student at the University of Copenhagen and his extra-curricular activities so far have been focused on international exchanges. He holds a huge interest in international relations and diplomacy. 

Furthermore, Matteo has been active in youth organizations for many years. He was active in both European Youth Denmark/JEF Denmark, as well as in the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) Copenhagen, where he organized student-relevant activities and events for peers. The events that he organized for peers were mainly focused on active civic participation and cultural exchanges.

His journey in CSCD began as a member of the CSCD Youth Academy, followed by being appointed by the CSCD Board as a “CSCD Honorary Youth Ambassador”. After distinguished efforts serving as Youth Ambassador, Matteo has been promoted to “CSCD Youth Academy Project Coordinator”, to serve the academy and fulfill its goals.