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Executive Team
Emil Moselund Østergaard

Emil Moselund Oestergaard

Chief Global Affairs Officer

E-mail: [email protected]

Emil Moselund Oestergaard has through his time at Aarhus & Copenhagen University specialized in International Relations in the field of Political Science. He is at present serving as Political Assistant for the former Danish Foreign Minister and the current National Chairman of the Foreign Policy Committee at the Danish Parliament. He is also a member of “The Danish Foreign Policy Society”.

During years of experience, Emil Moselund Oestergaard has built up unique knowledge and a strong network within the international diplomatic community in Denmark as well as various Foreign Policy agendas.

Emil Moselund Ostergaard’s theoretical and practical knowledge on foreign policy, as well as experience within the diplomatic community in Denmark, enables him to contribute to CSCD’s Executive Team.

Emil Moselund Oestergaard has recently been involved as a key facilitator for CSCD’s “Ambassadors-lounge” events in the Danish Parliament as well as the “Danish Diplomatic Seminar”.