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Dr. Kristina Loguinova


E-mail: [email protected]

Dr. Kristina Loguinova holds a doctorate from the VUB where she also is affiliated as Professor. Her CSCD activities are geographically focused on Belgium (Brussels and EU Institutions in particular), France, Luxemburg and Russia.

At VUB she teaches the course ‘Money and the Law’ and specializes in financial law (Solvency II), sustainability, institutional investment, innovation, economic ideologies and Critical Legal Studies.

Having realised that the scope of contemporary world-problems can be identified as cross-border and cross-sector, Loguinova decided to contribute to the solution from several angles.

As a Management Consultant, Professor and EC Expert she is constantly finding ways to raise awareness of such issues as unsustainable production, purposeless innovation, economic inequality and global warming and to connect all the stakeholders who have the power to make a change.