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Global Research Project on COVID-19 Impacts on Education and Needs for Distance Education and Digital Solutions — ICDE

Dear CSCD friends and colleagues 

CSCD’s Science Diplomacy section is currently collaborating on a global covid-19 data collection project. The collaboration is led and carried out by our Global Associate member, Professor Henrik Hansson, from Stockholm University. The research project is a large-scale study on Covid-19 impact on education and is currently the largest study of its kind. It already has more than 8500 responses from 71 countries, and the data collection is open until the end of April 2021

The results will be the most up-to-date information from students, professors, educators, scholars, education management, and policymakers’ points of view; both on the current situation and on the future. It will therefore provide a good basis for policy decisions and the plan is to co-author the national report with local researchers in each country.

Your assistance is kindly needed
We therefore kindly request you to send this information to your higher education and university network and ask them to respond and disseminate the survey to their university staff, students, and/or university network. This will help us get solid information from as many countries as possible, as we at CSCD believe it is beneficial for all countries around the globe to be represented in the data collection, so a country-specific report can be prepared and no country is left out due to lack of data. It is therefore highly appreciated if this message can reach out and every contribution is valued.  

The survey is available in 11 languages through this link (please feel free to share): 
Global Online Survey on the COVID-19 Impacts on Education and Needs for Distance Education and Digital Solutions — ICDE

In case of any queries or uncertainties, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you need detailed information regarding the data collection, you are also welcome to contact Prof. Hansson directly by email: [email protected]

We thank you for your time and wish you all a most pleasant day and week.

Best regards
Dr. Shahamak Rezaei 
Founding CEO