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CSCD’s Webinar Series – Fear of a New Cold War in the Arctic? January 21st, 2021

We are excited to continue CSCD’s new Webinar Series with bite-sized knowledge appetizers to keep your hunger for knowledge satisfied until we can host magnificent, first-class conferences in person, as we did before.

We continue with a live discussion exclusively through CSCD, where we have the honour of introducing the Head of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Energy in Greenland, the esteemed Deputy Minister Mr. Kenneth Høegh, and the distinguished Danish Arctic Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Thomas Winkler.

The conversation will be joined and commented on by Professor Rasmus G. Bertelsen, who has researched extensively on the Arctic.

Fear of a New Cold War in The Arctic?

Until recently, The Arctic has been widely dismissed as wasteland without notable interest. As the ice is melting, however, the region is rapidly gaining the world’s attention and is often framed as the setting for an intensifying struggle between Western Arctic states and Russia. The Arctic has thus become an area of increasing interest and strategic importance for the entire globe. Earlier ambitions to keep the region demilitarized are long gone and replaces by a security dilemma where military buildup is seen as an offensive on one side and as a defensive on the other. We ask the following questions:

  • Why is the Arctic experiencing such military activity?
  • Why is the Arctic described as the setting for a New Cold War?
  • Will the next aggression take place in the Arctic or is it more about the Arctic as it unfolds?
  • What place does NATO serve, and does it risk being misunderstood as military aggression?
  • What are the prospects and what are the dangers that the Kingdom of Denmark will have to consider?

Date & Time: January 21st  |  4 PM

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  • Welcome by Dr. Shahamak Rezaei, CEO & Founder of CSCD.
  • 50 min Discussion/Interview with Deputy Minister Mr. Kenneth Høegh and H.E. Mr. Thomas Winkler in conversation with Prof. Dr. Rasmus G. Bertelsen. Moderated by Mr. Emil M. Østergaard.
  • 25 min Q&A with questions from the audience.

We are delighted to welcome you and look forward to serving you with premium knowledge and exclusive insights to assist you in your efforts to enhance your knowledge.