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Black Sea Security Conference in the Danish Parliament – January 12th, 2023

We are excited to present a conference on Black Sea Security, in close collaboration with the Chairman of the Foreign Policy Committee in the Danish Parliament, Mr. Michael Aastrup Jensen, and the Georgian Embassy in Denmark – exclusively through CSCD’s Ambassadors Lounge.

The conference will bring together prominent Members of parliament, as well as distinguished Ambassadors, Diplomats, Defence-attachés, Government and Civil Society Representatives, Business Representatives, and Experts to allow for a frank exchange of views on the challenges and opportunities in the Black Sea Region and their implications for various aspects of broader European security.

Venue & Date

The Danish Parliament (Folketinget-Fællessalen)
January 12th, 2023 | 09.00-14.00

For full program, registration, and further info: [Click here]

Speakers & Format

We have invited a broad range of speakers to discuss and share their vast knowledge through a series of talks followed by panel discussions. We are honoured to welcome:

  • MP Mr. Michael Aastrup Jensen, Chairman of the Danish Parliament’s Foreign Policy Committee, with a keynote speech.
  • Distinguished Ambassadors to Denmark from the Black Sea countries of Bulgaria, Georgia, Türkiye, Ukraine, and Romania with an exclusive ambassadorial panel discussion.
  • We are further honoured to expand the ambassadorial panel with the Ambassador of Poland to Denmark, due to Poland’s significant role in the Three Sea Initiative, and the Ambassador of the USA to Denmark, as key strategic partners.
  • Prominent representatives of the respective countries.
  • Heads of International Organizations – WHO Regional Office Europe, OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, BSEC.
  • As well as prominent representatives from Danish Business community and institutions, to give expert talks.
  • All will be supplemented by a research angle from leading Experts and Advisors and our renowned moderator, Ms. Charlotte Flindt Pedersen, Executive Director of the Foreign Policy Society.

The talks will be under the Chatham House Rule, followed by a Q&A session and networking with refreshments.

Security in the Black Sea Region and Implications for Europe: What has Changed?

Russia’s ongoing full-scale military aggression against Ukraine has dramatically changed security environments in the wider Black Sea Region and has sharpened attention on global security challenges. Consequently, the Black Sea Region has moved into the center of European and international focus as the ongoing war in the region threatens not only European security architecture but creates serious political and economic implications for the stability of the entire World.  The conference offers a unique opportunity to discuss and gain insights on political temperatures going forward in the quest for peace and stability. 
We look forward to welcoming you at the conference with exclusive food for thoughts and refreshments to boost your hunger and quench your thirst for knowledge


For registration please click here: [Register for the conference]