Center for Science & Commercial Diplomacy
Where international science & commercial diplomacy interests meet


CSCD is established on extensive experience in Diplomacy, Business, and Research as a sustainable answer to a wide range of global challenges; international migration management, lack of transparency, coordination challenges, lack of mobility, transaction costs and change management obstacles.

CSCD draws upon and crystallizes decades of networking with government officials, national and international scientific research leaders, stakeholders, and managers in the global market, where we see an increasing need for collaborations across fields.

As a non-profit, non-political NGO we offer a professional frame for transnational networking for businesses, governments, universities, and research institutions:

  • We are occupied with mutually benefiting collaborations, sustainability and mutual progress.
  • We add governmentality and participation to the ‘Runaway globalization’ and contribute to diffusion of good practices.
  • Through institutionalization, participation, development of talents and utilization of competencies, we pursue the benefits for all.
  • We develop strategies in inspiring fora and frameworks where good thoughts, good words and good deeds meet and flourish.

Within the frameworks and knowledge sharing in our exclusive Ambassadors Lounge, upcoming events, and certificate courses, we are occupied by one single question: How to address not only the challenges but more importantly the opportunities that are the results of globalization.

At our core is a genuine interest in the growing interdependence of nations and industries, and the compelling steps that should be taken to make globalization a positive-sum game for everyone already involved and cultivate and utilize capabilities and talents of those not yet included.

The driving force behind the CSCD initiative is a genuine wish to contribute to an even greater institutionalization of the best practices and to help initiate new ones.